Welcome to Wild Thing Photography; a haven dedicated to the wonder of the animal kingdom.

All images found here have been captured by wildlife and captive animal photographer Sue Demetriou, who has a passion for all creatures great and small. After being gifted a Canon 550D six years ago in December 2010 photography became more than just a hobby. She has been upgrading and improving both her equipment and her artistic skill set ever since.

Sue now travels the length and breath of the country, visiting and making professional and personal connections with zoos, animal parks and institutions of conservation in order to photograph as many animals as she can discover. She and her camera have the ability to capture the hitherto indistinct moments in time wherein animals reveal their unique mannerisms and idiosyncrasies with perfect clarity. Before her eyes - and her lens - they unveil themselves in a most private and vulnerable way, something which is so rare to see in the animal kingdom that one feels privilege to have been witness to it. It is aesthetic magic made possible only by the art form. We hope that by exploring Sue's gallery of photographs that you feel this same sense of awe.

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